Endorsements and Ratings

It has been an honor to represent the 64th District in the Kansas House of Representatives.  Our rural area has different priorities than the urban areas of our state and my focus has been on our needs in Clay & Riley county.

I’m proud that my record has earned me the endorsements, of; The Kansas Farm Bureau, The Kansas Livestock Association, Kansans for Life, The National Federation of Independent Business and

The National Rifle Association.

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Since 1993, VOTE FBF has endorsed and supported candidates for public office who support farming and ranching and rural Kansas. 

“We are proud to represent our members as the Voice of Agriculture, and we believe our grassroots-driven endorsement process does just that,” says Rich Felts, Kansas Farm Bureau president. “County Farm Bureau boards across the state have been working for months talking to and vetting candidates. Their voices are reflected in the endorsements VOTE FBF has made.” 

KLA endorses candidates who understand and have a record of supporting the organization's legislative positions, Kansas agriculture and specifically the livestock industry. Member feedback is used when developing endorsements.

KFL endorsement of a candidate is a thorough and rigorous process. The KFL Political Action Committee evaluates candidates based on several criteria, including:

  • Incumbency

  • Candidate questionnaire

  • Voting record

  • Electability

  • Candidate background and temperament

  • Involvement with pro-life and pro-abortion community

“The candidates that we have endorsed have been through a rigorous review process and have an excellent understanding of the problems that small business owners face,” said NFIB’s State Director in Kansas, Dan Murray. “Especially now, during a pandemic that has crushed many small business owners across Kansas, we need leaders who know and understand that the key to once again stabilizing our economy is getting our small business owners back on their feet.”

The PAC took several things into consideration before endorsement, but one of the most important tools it uses is NFIB’s voting record.