I will not go to Topeka with a personal agenda.  My job has required that I be a professional listener & decision maker for over 20 years.  In Topeka my legislative decisions will be based on my core values, such as:

  • Strong Family Environments

  • Support for Kansas Agriculture

  • Pro-Life values

  • Safe, Well-funded Educational Opportunities

  • Fiscal Conservatism with a watchful eye on spending

  • Lesser government

  • Support 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Advocate of Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Overall I am conservative.  Regarding financial matters and taxes I consider myself a fiscal conservative.  I do not follow liberal lines of thinking, but I could be considered a moderate on several social issues; such as mental health and substance abuse, which are areas I dealt with regularly in my job for the past two decades.

It is our job to lay out a great Kansas landscape for our children and grandchildren, who make our important decisions tomorrow.

As a citizen of Kansas and living in the 64th District, I know you have concerns and issues you're passionate about too and I would like to hear what they are. If you would like to contact me and discuss those passions, please fill out the form below and I will be happy to visit with you about them. 


Or you  may send letters to:

Committee to Elect Susan Carlson

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Clay Center, KS 67432

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